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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for hair loss in Jayanagar Bangalore

Dr. Haircare provides the Best Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss in Jayanagar Bangalore.

Hair Loss and Premature Graying

Hair Loss and greying is genetically determined. Contributing causes for grey and thinning hair includeexcessive stress,worry, anxiety, inadequate nutrition and constant tension on the hair follicles, anemia, and some medications. A sudden and rapid greying and loss of hair may be an indication that there’s an underlying factor, consider visiting a doctor for a check-up. Generally however, both greying and loss of hair as we age is natural.A certain amount of hair loss is considered normal, as old strands are replaced by new. When hair loss is excessive, care must be taken.The graying of hair after a certain age is a normal phenomenon, but when this starts in the early years of life, one should look into for remedies

Pigment in the hair comes from melanocytescells which areat the root of the hair. These cells produce certain amount of pigment (or melanin) at specific ages. In the aging process, these cells produce less and less pigment until they cease producing pigment altogether.Grayinghair isessentially tangled up with genetics. Generally, greying of the hair often begins between the ages of 30 and 35, but the lifespan of pigment-producing cells is determined by genetics and it is completely individual.Hair thinning and hairfall, is becoming increasingly prevalent in younger men and women. It’s thought that a number Lifestyle factors all play a part in temporary or early hair loss. We are at the top when searched for Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss near me in Jayanagar Bangalore.


According to Ayurveda, increased intake of fried, sour, spicy, salty, and fermented foods, as well as tea and coffee, aggravate the Pitta Dosha in the body. Pitta accumulates in the skin of the scalp, leading to hair falling out and graying prematurely. Factors like stress and excessive anger are also responsible. Excessive consumption of alcohol and meat aggravate Pitta.

Symptoms : Loss of hair

Ayurvedic Hair Loss and Premature Graying Treatment

According to Ayurveda, hair is a byproduct of bone formation and the tissue responsible for building bones is also responsible for the growth of hair. Hair loss is known as Khalitya in Ayurveda. Early hair loss is related to body type and the balance of the mind-body constitution (doshas). Excess Pitta in the sebaceous gland, at the root of the hair, or folliculitis can lead to hair loss.People who have excess Pitta in their body are likely to lose their hair early in life, or have prematurely thin or gray hair.

Ayurvedic remedies for hair loss and regrowth in Jayanagar Bangalore is aimed at pacification of Pitta through a customized diet and lifestyle regime, along with medication. A combination of diet, meditation, breathing, yoga, aromatherapy, oil massage and herbs, can be beneficial in addressing the problem of hair loss and premature graying of hair.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Reverse Hair Lossincludes natural treatments in the simpler and safer way.The herb bhringaraj is known as the king of hair because of its benefits for hair.This powerful herb is strong enough to reverse baldness and prevent hair graying. Amla fruit has the vitamins and antioxidants which help to keep hair healthy and shining always. Amla keeps your hair strong, healthy, shining and free from gray.Neem has been used as the perfect Ayurvedic solution for skin conditions and hair fall. Shikakai and Ritha can be used to wash the hair.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Increase intake of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and vegetable juice prepared from lettuce, carrot, capsicum, and alfalfa

Avoid Pitta-aggravating foods like spicy, heavy, and oily foods, as well as tea and coffee.

Avoid refined foods, refined sugar, junk food, and alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

Avoid using chemical products on the hair. Try herbal oils and shampoos instead.

Home Remedies

  • Mix powdered Indian gooseberry (amla) and sesame seeds in equal amounts. Take 1 teaspoon twice a day with water.

We are the best place for Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss in Jayanagar, J P Nagar and Banashankari Bangalore region at reasonable cost.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss In Jayanagar Bangalore
Ayurvedic Remedies For Hair Loss And Regrowth In Jayanagar Bangalore
Ayurvedic Remedies To Reverse Hair Loss In Jayanagar Bangalore

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